Moo.Review Rates Fletchers’ Mill Honey Dipper Best

Posted October 29th 2018

We Recommend…

Honey Dipper

Solid hardwood honey dipper for your kitchen or table. Available with or without bead.

Click to See the Honey Dipper…, an independent review website, recently tested and reviewed honey dippers - and rated Fletchers' Mill number 1.

“I am happy to say that the number-one wooden Honey Dipper is made right here in Maine, USA from New England hardwoods.

The large head and deep groves picked up a large amount of honey without trapping air bubbles underneath. The honey drizzle was constant and the thin yet sturdy handle made twirling the honey dipper very simple.

Overall we were hugely impressed with the workmanship for the price. Highly recommended and it put most of the other wooden honey dippers we tested to shame.

Read the full review here, and shop for Fletchers’ Mill award-winning Honey Dipper here!

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