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10″ Rolling Pin


Fletchers Mill rolling pins are crafted from solid rock maple and are fitted with steel ball bearings to ensure a lifetime of effortless rolling—the perfect tool for both the home baker and the professional chef.

Our Classic Rolling Pins are available in a 10″ 12″, 15″ and 18″ finished barrel length (does not include handles). This rolling pin, in 10″ length and 2.25″ diameter, is great for smaller jobs.

About Fletchers Mill Rolling Pins

Crafted from rock maple and built to last. Our rolling pins are Handcrafted and Made in Maine USA and are built to deliver a lifetime of service to both professional and home chef.

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  1. MB

    After almost 37 years of marriage and many pies later, I finally had to replace my rolling pin. My original one was probably purchased at K-Mart or somewhere similar as we were quite tight with our money back then. As years passed, we had 2 children and I perfected my pie making. We never had birthday cakes, but, birthday pies and the old rolling pin served us well. Fast forward to 2017 and the old rolling pin goes to rolling pin heaven. I found your 10″ Classic Rolling Pin at Pryde’s in the Old Westport part of Kansas City, MO. The solid rock maple felt so smooth in my hand and the ball bearings made it so easy to roll. Today, is Father’s Day and I made my husband a blueberry pie. Using the new rolling pin was almost like driving a new car after driving a 1980 model for years. As a daughter, granddaughter, sister and niece of proud New Englander’s,I truly appreciate the quality craftsmanship of your product. Thank you for producing such a great American made item.

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