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4″ Sierra Mills

(2 customer reviews)

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Like the mountains they take their name from, the Sierra mills stand in elegance, sure to bring a level of added sophistication to any kitchen.


2 reviews for 4″ Sierra Mills

  1. Tim

    We had these for over a year. Use them almost every day. Old Vic Firth is smiling… the quality and style are great. We like the short ones (4″) due to our kitchen layout. We have given 5″ (other style) as wedding gifts. Our past experience is the tall ones look great but can easily get knocked over and take up space… but don’t have to be refilled as often. You won’t be sorry getting both the salt and pepper mill as a set. Change the grind setting for different foods. Sierra and Marsala etc. style are easier to clean because it has no “ribs”… some find this style too simple… grab what you like and grind up some flavor!

  2. Carol (verified owner)

    These are amazing quality, and we love the option for different grinds. My only caution on the shorter mills is that they need to be refilled frequently if you like a coarser grind, like we do. I would get larger ones if I bought them again. I like the Sierra because of the ease of cleaning. And Made in the USA!!!!

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