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7″ Marsala Mills

(2 customer reviews)


These Marsala mills, in 7″ height, are perfect for table or counter, and are available in a variety of colors to suit any and all design palettes.


2 reviews for 7″ Marsala Mills

  1. Philip Davis (verified owner)

    I have ordered five of the 7-inch Marsala pepper mill on two separate occasions, each mill in a different color to instantly identify the mill’s content (green, black, red, or white peppercorns or allspice berries). I may buy a sixth mill for juniper berries. The mill is well-crafted and durable; has a wide range of grinds from coarse to fine; and is uniquely easy to disassemble (and reassemble) for cleaning the chamber and grinding mechanism. When included in the ratings, Fletchers Mill is generally second only to the Peugeot U-Select because Peugeot U-Select has six visibly marked grind selections and Fletchers Mill has 30+ unmarked grind selections that are set by feel. But, I find it easy to learn how to determine which indent will give the grind I want. Peugeot falls short of Fletchers Mill on the fineness and consistency of grind and might not accommodate larger peppercorns. In my opinion, there is no reason other than budget restriction not to choose Fletcher Mill over all others.

  2. Garth Clark

    I have been purchasing these mills since 2005 back when they were made by Vic Firth Gourmet, the famous drum stick manufacturer. Same exact products as Fletchers Mills purchased the equipment and products from Vic Firth a few years back. Since, Fletchers has made some great improvements which carries a lot of weight in todays salt and pepper mills. You simply cannot find a better grinding mechanism on the market today which includes that french company Peugeot who has a great product but the performance and value is much higher with the Fletchers Mill design and function. These make very cool housewarming gifts for new homeowners or for those who like to BBQ and make tossed salads. You simply have to try these mills and the best combination is to use both salt and pepper Mills, not a salt shaker as salt mills will have the option to use the Sea Salt or Kosher Salt available and both yield the best in flavors vs. table salt by a good mile. Not many folks pay much attention to “salt and pepper” when cooking or seasoning their food on the table which is too bad. Once you move to a mill or “grinder”, yo will never ever go back to pre-ground pepper or regular table salt. the only way to find out is by one of each, we use a white mill for salt and black for pepper for easy identification or the maple for salt and cherry for pepper and have been happy happy ever since. The tall 17″ or 12″ pepper mill works really well for BBQ or for salads to give the freshest cracked pepper flavor.

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