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Making great cocktails is an art. And this medium, like most, requires good quality tools. These solid, unfinished maple muddlers crush ice, fruit, herbs and spices and are designed to muddle from either end. Available in two sizes: 11″, and 7″.

The 11” length is the perfect tool for tall glasses and its curved design fits perfectly in your palm. We also offer a 7” version of our very popular muddler, perfect for shorter glasses.

Each muddler features an ergonomically shaped handle, which provides more force and less hand and arm stress.

  • Muddler 1 (long) is 11.25-inches long.
  • Muddler 3 (short) is 7 inches long.

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  1. Kentucky Derby Mint Julep 2019 – A Perfect Cocktail

    […] For muddling, I like to use a wooden muddler for herbs, as I find it’s easier to be gentle with them – you don’t want to crush the mint too much, which will make it bitter, but you just want to press it enough to release the oils – this is the muddler I use, an industry standard: Fletchers’ Mill Muddler 11″ […]

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