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Silicone Tools

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Our silicone tool handles are crafted in Maine from solid, premium New England hardwoods and are finished with a food safe mineral oil.

  • The Silicone Heads are made in the USA and are molded from flexible, durable silicone that will not absorb flavors.
  • Heat resistant to 500 degrees, the non-abrasive design is stain resistant and safe for all non-stick cookware.
  • To clean, remove the silicone head. Silicone Heads are dishwasher safe. Clean the handles with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Do not put handle in dishwasher.

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2 reviews for Silicone Tools

  1. R C

    These are the absolute BEST, most FANTASTIC, highest QUALITY spatulas EVER, EVER, EVER!!

    When I give them as gifts the recipient always mentions how nice they are long after getting them.

    I’m an old lady, and I can tell you that nothing out there for the last 30 years compares with these utensils. I first got one at Bed Bath and Beyond and I was hooked!

    When people see them in my kitchen they always comment on the high quality.

    Nothing scrapes like these, you can really get the jar, bowl, can clean with these and they wash so nicely. And they are long lasting too!!

    TIP: I do not put them in the dishwasher, they will last so much longer if you don’t!

  2. alfalfacats (verified owner)

    Awesome kitchen tools!
    Pity they are discontinuing them.

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