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Silicone Tools

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Our silicone tool handles are crafted in Maine from solid, premium New England hardwoods and are finished with a food safe mineral oil.

Available sizes include medium and mini spoons, medium, small and mini spatula, and small jar scraper – each available with white, blueberry (blue), lemon (yellow), raspberry (red) or lime (green) silicone heads.

  • The Silicone Heads are made in the USA and are molded from flexible, durable silicone that will not absorb flavors.
  • Heat resistant to 500 degrees, the non-abrasive design is stain resistant and safe for all non-stick cookware.
  • To clean, remove the silicone head. Silicone Heads are dishwasher safe. Clean the handles with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Do not put handle in dishwasher.


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