Making Perfect Guacamole

Every dinner party I attend includes one “could you make guac?” request and my response is always “of course!” I get so much joy out of sharing the magic of perfectly made guacamole! The beauty of guacamole is that it can be used as a dip, as a topping for tacos and burritos, or spread onto a burger as a delicious mayo and ketchup replacement! There are a few ingredients that many forget but mostly the trick is to taste and adjust, taste and adjust.

The base for every amazing bowl of guacamole starts with beautiful avocados! The crucial step of selecting avocados should begin a few days before your party, if they’re a little hard that’s fine just store them in a brown paper bag and monitor their ripening process. The rest of the ingredients are as follows: limes, roma (plum) tomatoes, cilantro, cumin (secret ingredient), salt (fluer de sel works best), red onion, garlic and jalapeño.

Begin by halving your avocados length wise and removing the pit. Using a knife cut the avocado while it’s still in the peel into cubes and scoop the fruit into a bowl. Next chop up your freshly washed cilantro leaves (the more cilantro the better) and add them to the bowl. Coarsely dice the roma tomatoes and red onion and add them to the bowl as well. Mince the garlic (one clove will do you) and one third of the jalapeño and add them to the other ingredients. The seasoning of the guacamole is a very important step; add a teaspoon of salt and a half teaspoon of cumin to start, and then add the juice of at least two limes and stir. Taste and repeat the salt and cumin seasoning if necessary. Your guac should be chunky, light from the cilantro and zesty from the limes! Enjoy!