Not So Simple Anymore

In Boston we are fortunate enough to have our very own famous food truck! As seen on Great American Food Truck Race Roxy’s Grilled Cheese whips up amazingly original and delicious grilled cheese sandwiches daily on the streets of Boston. They have some standards which are always winners: The Green Munster hits it out of the park with guacamole, munster cheese and bacon. The Mighty Rib even tempts those vegetarians out there with braised short ribs, caramelized onions, and fontina cheese. For the old-schoolers out there the Rookie delivers with Vermont cheddar and tomato (though you can always, and should, add bacon).

Lately though, Roxy’s has been spicing it up: most recently they debuted the gut-busting and mind-blowing C-L-T. This combines all the great flavors of summer, fried chicken, vine-ripe tomatoes, arugula, and ranch dressing sealed together with Vermont cheddar, and again if you’re wise you’ll add bacon to this one. This sandwich is no simpleton, it touches on all the five flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, umami (that mysterious fifth taste that is described as meaty, and earthy – think beef, soy sauce, and mushrooms), and salty. The fried chicken (really chicken confit) is slow-cooked umami perfection that is shredded so that every bite is perfectly portioned with chicken. Vine-ripened tomatoes give it just a hint of sweet and sour, and that little extra juiciness that perks the sandwich right up. Arugula not only adds pepperiness, but also provides the textural crunch and bitter taste to give this sandwich a little extra depth. Hidden Valley has nothing on Roxy’s ranch, it’s creamy a little tangy and zippy. What would the grilled cheese be without the cheese, and the Vermont cheddar is the pitch hitter melding all the flavors together and scoring the home run!

If you all can’t make it to Boston, you can make this at home! If you do, make sure you butter your thick-slice bread for the griddle. We think Roxy’s trick is to grill the sandwich open face, so everything melts perfectly together, and finish by combining the two halves and weighing it down on the griddle so it all sticks together. Good luck, and happy eating!